EVO Max 4T
New flagship
The new Autel EVO Max 4T drone features state-of-the-art flight navigation features and intelligent 720- degree obstacle avoidance. The EVO Max 4T offers users advanced autonomous flight technologies. The drone has intelligent navigation and data acquisition functions to create three-dimensional flight paths in real time for unprecedented obstacle avoidance. Advanced sensors make it possible to fly in areas inaccessible to GPS. The foldable, weather-resistant design makes the EVO Max 4T as portable as possible. The drone is equipped with a powerful 640x512 thermal imager, 50 MP 1/1. 28 " CMOS wide-angle camera and 8K 10x optical zoom, as well as a laser rangefinder.

Offline Pathfinding
Autel's Autonomy Engine obstacle avoidance technology allows you to collect data about the environment and plan three-dimensional flight paths in difficult conditions with a large number of obstacles, for example, when flying in megacities, mountains, forests, buildings, etc. EVO Max 4T is designed to quickly create 3D models of objects, monitor industrial enterprises, etc. territories, topographical surveys, and for the protection of public order.

Accurate navigation without GPS
Upgraded sensors allow the EVO Max 4T to fly in areas inaccessible to GPS: inside reinforced structures, underground, etc.
Accurate identification and tracking of objects
Thanks to Autel's artificial intelligence technology, the EVO Max 4T can automatically identify and capture various types of targets, such as heat sources, moving people or vehicles, and track and collect data at high altitudes, which will be especially useful for law enforcement agencies.

No blind spots
The EVO Max 4T is the only commercial drone that combines traditional binocular vision systems with millimeter-wave radar technology. The Autonomy Engine module built into the EVO Max 4T allows the drone to perceive objects about 2 cm in size, and also eliminates blind spots and allows you to work in low light conditions or during rain.

- Autel EVO Max 4T quadcopter with intelligent flight battery, pair of propellers, suspension, protective suspension cover, 64 GB SD memory card - 1 pc
- Smart Controller V3 remote control with sticks included-1 pc.
- Spare propellers (pair) - 2 pcs.
-USB-C cable - 1 pc.
-USB-C to USB - C cable-1 pc.
- Power cable - 1 pc.
- Protective case - 1 pc.
- Battery for EVO Max 4T-1 pc.
- Suspension protection - 1 pc.
– Battery charger with power cable-1 pc.
– Smart strap for remote control-1 pc. - Remote control charger with USB cable
The kit includes: