GLORY AIR is a Russian company, part of the VR group of companies (, Glory Air is engaged in localisation of advanced technological solutions in the field of UAVs in Russia. Other activities include distribution, supply of OEM / ODM products and system integration of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) in the market of Russia and EAEC countries. The product portfolio ranges from mid-sized industrial aircraft to agricultural products, as well as products for recreational use ( racing, FPV and video drones).

The contract base of GLORY AIR includes leading vendors such as Ehang, Autoflight, BETAFPV, and other leading solution providers. The company is focused on the development and localisation of the most interesting technologies in the UAV market and their popularisation through cost reduction. Activities are conducted under both product sales and service delivery business models. A key differentiator from other market players is the introduction of innovation in the mass segment and the transformation of the user experience.
About us
The company's project was launched in 2018 by two partners, one heading a major logistics operator and the other a leading distributor of electronics. The focus in the UAV segment has been to localise and supply mature and mass-produced solutions, which already have wide practical application in Asia and the US. The company has exclusive distribution rights in the EAEU countries. A portfolio of UAVs of industrial, agricultural and amateur classes has been formed.

A permanent warehouse supply has been formed, and the service infrastructure is being deployed. As of 2021, the company is the only company offering the supply of civilian long-range UAVs at a catalogue price.

Distribution of advanced technical solutions for the mass market from leading UAV manufacturers from the South Asian region. The model is "localisation of the best solutions on the territory of the EAEU".
To make a meaningful contribution to the development of the UAV industry within the EAEU.
Contacts & location
+7 (495) 357 29 19
119606, Russia, Moscow,
Michurinsky Prospekt 31/7