The main purpose is to counteract unauthorised photography and video recording, surveillance in closed special and secure facilities, airfields, private land holdings. The suppressor is enclosed in shockproof plastic case which allows its use in unequipped premises. The housing is equipped with a 220 V mains power supply, can be retrofitted with an external battery.

The device can be equipped with directional sector antennas to increase the suppression range in the intended sector of detection up to 8 km. The standard equipment includes circular antennas which allow for an effective suppression range of up to 5 km, depending on the application, terrain and weather conditions.
The widespread use of unmanned systems for various purposes has led to the problem of unauthorised use of these techniques, surveillance of personal life, and unauthorised video recording. In some cases, UAVs can be used to deliver forbidden cargo, threatening manned aviation. The closure of civilian airports in this regard has been widely reported.