Beta95X V3 Whoop (HD цифровой VTX)
The Beta95X V3 Whoop is the updated BetaFPV Beta95X V2 quadcopter. With its ease of use, high image quality, excellent manoeuvrability and minimal vibration, it is suitable for hobbyists and experienced pilots alike.

Nebula Nano HD System

The Caddx Nebula Nano HD System is compatible with DJI Goggles, providing 720p/60fps video and streaming up to 4km. You can select transmitter power from 25 to 700mW in the DJI Goggles settings. The total weight (excluding antenna) is only 24g. This is 26g lighter than the DJI FPV module. It is also smaller and designed for whoop drones.

The pusher frame

The newly developed frame is made of high quality polyamide (PA12), which can absorb noise and vibrations and has high abrasion resistance. An additional layer of EVA foam makes the structure even safer. The Pusher layout places all cameras and batteries on top of the platform, which puts the centre of gravity right in the middle of the drone - giving it excellent manoeuvrability.

Flight controller and RPM controls

The Beta95X V3 features the new F405 20A AIO toothpick brushless FC flight controller which dramatically reduces weight and adds the ability for the ESC controllers to deliver 20A continuous current. There are two plug-in connectors on the board for connecting the DJI Digital VTX receiver and video transmitter - no soldering required, the easiest installation possible.

Motors and propellers

Gemfan D63 3-bladed propellers are designed for inverted installation, more durable and provide better thrust. The 1404 4500KV commutatorless motors are more powerful and produce less noise.

Amateur UAV Beta95X V3 Whoop
Has a number of advantages over the previous model:

  • An all-new design, featuring the Caddx Nebula Nano HD system and the ability to mount the SMO 4K action camera;
  • Changed engine to 1404 4500 kW, which helps to effectively reduce frame vibration during flight;
  • Replaced the D63 5-bladed propellers with D63 3-bladed propellers, which will have less noise and less vibration during flight;
  • Thanks to a completely new innovative frame design, the Beta95X V3 is more durable and easier to fly than the Beta95X V2. The frame also features a shock-absorbing EVA foam construction that gives you a safer flight experience;
  • The drone's centre of gravity is in the centre, making it even more manoeuvrable.
Kit includes:

* Beta95X V3 Whoop (HD digital VTX) quadcopter
* Gemfan D63 3-bladed propellers(2CW+2CCW)
* 20mm FPV camera mount
* Spare EVA foam tape
* USB adaptor card
* TypeC adapter
* Camera adapter cable

Batteries and SMO 4K camera are not included. To fly the Caddx Nebula Nano HD system you will need DJI FPV goggles V2