RGB combination camera with 30x optical zoom
By combining a daylight camera with a 30x optical zoom lens, an 8mm fixed focal length camera and an uncooled 640x512 pixels infrared camera, the three-axis stabilisation function is improved. This, in turn, facilitates target detection and identification in challenging environments by combining the video streams of the IR camera and the high-resolution EO camera with low-light capability.

Due to this design and the electronic stabilisation auxiliary, the pendant provides high performance overall stabilisation as well as full plane rotation (360 degrees). This performance is suitable for a wide range of applications including surveillance, pipeline inspection, countering illegal activities by third parties and others. The combination camera is ideal for UAVs with vertical take-off and landing systems, single-rotor and multi-rotor UAVs and other carriers.
Target tracking function•10x zoom
IR sensor
From 8 to 14 microns
Matrix Resolution
640x512 dots
Pixel Size
Automatic inhomogeneity correction function
Sensor Size
18 mm
Sensor Size
115 mm x 171.7 mm
800 г
Video stream frequency
Focal length
60 кадров/сек
4.3-129 mm