DJI Agras T10

542 730 ₽

The small folding agricultural drone DJI Agras T10 is equipped with a 10 litre tank, RTK-GPS module for centimetre precision positioning, an efficient spray system with 4 nozzles and 2.4 l/min spray rate, and upgraded smart batteries and charging system for them.

Two directional cameras (fore and aft), LED lighting and an omni-directional obstacle avoidance system provide a high level of flight safety that can be easily adapted to the terrain.

The casing is made of composite materials, providing a high level of protection for key modules, in accordance with IP67 class requirements.

Comfortable and easy operation

The Agras T10 uses a carbon fibre composite material to construct the main components. This results in a comparatively light and very strong body. The folding mechanism allows the hull to be reduced in size by 70 percent, making it easier to move the drone to a new job site or storage location. The efficiency of the drone is further enhanced by the quick-release battery and the liquid tank.

Precision in crop treatment

DJI Agras T10 uses four nozzles which together deliver a flow rate of 2.4 liters per minute. In order to achieve a uniform and more accurate spray pattern, as well as effective liquid conservation, DJI has chosen to equip its agricultural drone with a 2-channel electromagnetic flowmeter.

Spherical obstacle avoidance system

Agras T10 is equipped with a new spherical obstacle detection system ensuring "vision" of hazardous objects in the environment under any flight conditions, in any weather and from any angle. The system is well protected against dust and light and features automatic hazardous object avoidance as well as ground simulation to enhance safety during a flight mission.

Directional cameras at the front and rear

The Agras T10 is equipped with two directional cameras on the nose and rear to keep the pilot aware in real-time of the flight status and heading without having to turn the drone around. The drone is fitted with a high-brightness floodlight to ensure high efficiency in night operations. This increases the safety of flying at night and extends the operating interval.
Full autonomy and easy operation

Any, even the novice operator of the Agras T10 can handle all phases of a flight mission, as DJI has made all commands intuitive and straightforward. With a single tap, your drone takes to the skies for a mission. You can also rely on the clever machine for planning and course correction within the specified work area. The T10 includes an RTK module, which is used for precise positioning of the aircraft. Positioning accuracy reaches centimetre levels. DJI Agriculture's new special application serves to simplify and optimise the maintenance operations.

Rugged and reliable three-layer construction

To ensure safety when handling liquids, Agras T10 has a special three-layer design. It completely encloses the vital assemblies of the drone and provides a level of protection equivalent to IP67. Therefore, the drone is immune to liquids, dust and other such things. The use of composite materials makes the Agras T10 dustproof, waterproof, corrosion resistant, and generally rugged and durable.

Bright remote control screen

The new remote control's powerful transmitter ensures a stable signal strength of up to 5 km. This is an increase of 67% compared to previous models. This is accompanied by improved transmission capabilities and increased protection against interference. If you decide to use multiple drones for operations, you can control them all from a single remote. It also features standard RTK for centimetre-level precision positioning, easy job-scheduling functionality and a high-brightness 5.5-inch screen. It works with the new DJI Agriculture app, which simplifies the pilot's work and makes the mission more convenient.
Optimal charging system
DJI has tried to reduce the amount of additional equipment to maintain the drone and its payload, in particular by simplifying and optimising the battery charging system. Firstly, the drone received a new flight battery with a capacity of 1,000 recharging cycles. The operating time and the area to be processed have increased. The new flight battery has also reduced operating costs. The upgraded charging station and charger help you charge the smart flight battery in 10 minutes. You can use 2 sets of flight batteries and a charger or charging station, plus a protective case to protect the battery and store your equipment more conveniently.
DJI Intelligent Flight Battery T10

Up to 9500mAh capacity
Guaranteed 1000 charge cycles
Waterproof and corrosion resistant
Charging station
DJI Agras T10 Smart

Charging Manager
Charging power 3600W
Super fast charging in 7 min
Dual channel adaptive power
Charging station
DJI D4500i

3200W DC output
9 litre fuel tank
AC 220V output
Built-in one-touch starter
Efficient spraying system

Large hopper, washable, corrosion resistant The new spreading system has a large hopper capacity of 30 kg, spreading speeds of up to 40-50 kg/min, spreading widths of up to 7 metres and 1 tonne of fertiliser can be spread in 1 hour. Real-time weight monitoring, equipped with a rotation-lock sensor. The entire system is IP67-rated, washable, corrosion-resistant and suitable for multi-section crops such as fertiliser, seed and fodder.
Cloud technology for modern digital farming

The latest digital technologies, smart systems, including cloud-based platforms, will help you farm efficiently: maintaining crops and fields, monitoring, monitoring crop growth, timely control of plant diseases and pests, and many other necessary operations. You can create intelligent work routes and use the power of artificial intelligence for your tasks. You can create intelligent work routes and use the power of artificial intelligence for your tasks.
В комплект входит:

Agras T10 - 1 шт.
Пульт дистанционного управления - 1 шт.
Ремень для пульта дистанционного управления - 1 шт.
Блок питания - 1 шт.
Интеллектуальная батарея пульта WB37 - 1 шт.
Зарядная станция - 1 шт.
Кабель питания переменного тока для зарядной станции - 1 шт.

USB-C cable - 1 pc.
USB charger - 1 pc.
4G modem - 1 pc.
Tool kit
Spare screws, nuts and other accessories kit
Nozzle kit
User manual and other documentation