DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced
A new approach to aerial photography
712 718 ₽
Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is a compact, versatile work tool that helps you capture and store the most accurate mission data of any level of complexity. With updates to all key modules and systems, users can be assured of high performance and quality imaging results. The dual camera with visual and thermal imaging sensors and 32x digital zoom capability provides detailed images, while the RTK module provides high positioning accuracy.

An enhanced dual camera will enhance your shooting, inspection and security capabilities.

High resolution infrared imaging

With a high-resolution thermal imaging camera mounted on the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, you can make quick and responsive decisions once the situation on the ground has been assessed.

Zoom capability for safety

Now distance won't be an obstacle for capturing clear photos or videos from a safe distance. The M2EA's high resolution visual camera is up to 32x zoom to capture every detail.

Two shooting methods to suit your needs

Just tap to toggle between thermal, visual and split image views. This helps you correctly assess the situation.
Positioning accuracy

When you use Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced equipped with RTK, you get positioning accuracy of up to one centimetre. For challenging environments, you can create up to 240 waypoints and rely on the drone to automatically perform detailed site inspections.

Maximum flexibility

The lightweight and compact Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced takes less than a minute to prepare a mission and take off. High flight performance, including quick climb or descent, allows you to work in any environment.
Auxiliary equipment

RTK module
DJI Smart Controller
Fields of application

Fire extinguishing
Search and rescue
Kit includes:

DJI Smart Controller - 1 pc.
Battery Pack - 1 pc.
Propellers (2CW/2CCW) - 4 pcs.
Replacement propellers (1CW/1CCW) - 2 pcs.
Speaker - 1 pc.

Searchlight - 1 pc.
Signal light - 1 pc.
Battery charger - 1 pc.
Adaptor for charging the control equipment - 1 pc.
Transport case - 1 pc.