For prompt delivery of goods
The drone is designed for delivery of small-sized cargoes. Due to the design features, the UAV can be used in limited spaces, as the frame size is a little more than 1000 mm. The drone is controlled via 4G/3G communication channel and requires a laptop or Windows tablet with an application installed.

It is possible to control the drone by means of the app: building a mission and sending the drone on a route. Also, with the help of the application it is possible to correct the position of the drone using the virtual joysticks displayed on the screen. The operator is provided with all the necessary service information about the current state of the drone, its route and basic telemetry data. It is possible to return to the start/continue the route point in case of loss of communication.
Before performing a task a route, speed and altitude of the flight are stored in the onboard computer of the UAV, the data can be quickly corrected in case the UAV is in the 3G/4G network coverage.

Control is performed by the operator with the help of the cloud service via WEB-interface. The operator is provided with all the necessary service information about the current state of the UAV, its route and the main telemetry data. It is possible to return the UAV to the starting point.
Benefits of industrial drones
Reduced expenses
Extinguishing the fire with a substance - both from the UAV's stockpile and from local sources. The UAV will not fall into a hole of burning peat beneath the turf due to the lack of stress on the topsoil. Reduced number of firefighter casualties.
Reduced delivery time
When fully loaded, the drone can reach speeds of up to 130 km/h. Minimisation of risks as the human factor is completely eliminated (traffic jams, accidents, etc.).
Delivery to remote locations
Delivering small goods to remote areas with no roads or where delivery by other means is expensive due to the length and complexity of the route, or by hiring an alternative means of transport.
Emergency care
Urgent delivery of necessary medication to remote areas and rapid dispatch of tests to laboratories for examination.
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