EHANG E 216 Cargo
The Ehang 216 platform is one of the topics of most interest in the UAV market in general. And while the legal framework for commercial operation of the 216 model itself has not yet been prepared in the Russian Federation, its logistic modification 216L, a novelty in 2021, is already being deployed en masse not only in China, but also in other countries.
Firstly, this cargo carrier is much better prepared to fly in densely populated areas and over people due to the redundancy of most assemblies, units and systems: engines, propellers, power supply system, electrical wiring, sensors, communication means. All this significantly increases the reliability of the aircraft as a source of increased danger.

Secondly, this platform has a significantly improved autopilot and flight control system, which it inherited from its human counterpart. These subsystems operate using multiple data sources, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, a magnetic compass, barometers, video cameras, navigation system receivers and millimetre range radars, mapping with geographic, kinematic and aviation variables, and IWXXM meteorology. In contrast to the already common simpler algorithms, this one (which requires significant computing power) can produce more complex solutions in "real time", including independent changes of course, speed, altitude, obstacle avoidance maneuver and forced landing.

Thirdly, it can plan complex compound routes and monitor the release of cargo with video footage of everything going on around it. All this undoubtedly sets a new benchmark in the development of unmanned commercial aviation.