EVO II Pro 6K Enterprise Rugged Bundle V2.0

518 000 ₽
Work like never before
Streamline your workflow with our most reliable EVO II, complete with new accessories and camera features to meet the needs of professionals in every industry, from firefighting to construction. The folding design allows you to deploy the system in seconds, and with easy-to-use controls you can control the quadcopter with one hand. EVO II Enterprise is a reliable way to increase efficiency without increasing your workload.

High resolution visualisation
EVO II Pro Enterprise
20MP 1″CMOS sensor
3x lossless zoom; 16x digital zoom
Adjustable aperture range from f2.8 to f11
Dual camera
EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise
640*512 thermal imaging sensor
48 megapixel visual camera
Several display modes: visual, thermal, image in picture
Public safety
Assess potential dangers from a safe distance or patrol the area during investigations, freeing up officers for other tasks.
Vehicle flow control
Control the flow of traffic on large sections and counteract traffic violations to ensure the safety of all road users.
Inspection of power lines
Conduct a quick inspection of power lines to detect structural damage or overheating of electrical components, saving considerable time and labour costs.
Plan over the fire to identify active fire hotspots, detect casualties and control changes, thus reducing risks to team members working directly on the fire.
Search and rescue operations
Find the missing quickly thanks to automated modes that allow you to assess large areas in the shortest possible time, which is crucial in situations where every second counts.
Create efficient and cost-effective 3D maps using high-resolution images from a sustained and stable flight.
Various temperature measurement modes
The EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise has built-in infrared sensors and high-speed processors, as well as many temperature measurement functions and easy interpretation of temperature data.

Spot temperature measurement
Regional temperature measurement

Image optimisation
Central temperature measurement

Temperature alarm
Powerful telephoto zoom
Capture high-definition images from a safe distance with the 16x digital zoom, supporting 4x (EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise) or 3x lossless zoom (EVO II Dual Pro Enterprise).

Versatility of missions
With its extensive range of accessories, EVO II Enterprise can evolve from a simple imaging tool into a multifunctional flight platform capable of adapting to different scenarios.

Enables more efficient communication at the site with long-distance telephone calls and audio loops.
Emits a powerful high beam when searching or shooting at night.
Flashing beacon
Show the quadcopter's location at night to avoid collisions with other aircraft.
RTK module (optional)
Provides centimetre-accurate positioning data and reduces electromagnetic interference.
HD picture transmission up to 8 miles away
Modular accessories
Centimetre accurate positioning with RTK
16x digital zoom
ADS-B receiver
3600 Obstacle avoidance system
ADS-B receiver
Detects the presence of any nearby aircraft giving the ADS-B signal, giving the operator enough time to take evasive and airborne collision avoidance action.

ADS-B receiver
Detects the presence of any nearby aircraft giving the ADS-B signal, giving the operator enough time to take evasive and airborne collision avoidance action.

Capture a high speed moving object and predict its trajectory with ease, or use the system to identify up to 64 objects simultaneously.
Secure data encryption
Protect sensitive information with encrypted internal and external storage.

Outstanding flight performance
EVO II Enterprise delivers superb flight performance with its state-of-the-art power system and carbon fibre construction. Equipped with the latest dual frequency image transmission system, it demonstrates incredible resistance to interference and high resolution image transmission capabilities up to 1080p.

Maximum flight time of 42 minutes
HD picture transmission up to 8 miles (13 km)
Top speed - 44 mph (72 km/h)

Maximum wind resistance - 38 mph (17 m/s)
Autel EVO II Enterprise Unpacking & Review