Firefighting drone
A medium class firefighting UAV. It can carry in four drop containers up to 100kg of specialised material designed to extinguish localised fires.
The G240 can carry up to 100 kg of specialty material in four drop containers, designed to extinguish localized fires. The G240 is equipped with an intelligent on-board control system and features automatic flight planning to and from the fire scene without operator input, avoiding collisions with ground objects and navigating confidently in windy conditions. Additional control and precision dropping is provided by a video control camera. The UAV can be used to extinguish both urban and forest fires. The UAV can locate the fire, fly to the point of active burning, hover on the point, drop flame retardant directly on the flames and extinguish them. The effective extinguishing area is 120 square meters. The spatial frame is designed with a looped reinforcing linkage, with 8 electric motors staggered on two levels to ensure compactness and high fail-safety.
On Aug. 6, 2020, Shanghai Autoflight Co., Ltd. and the city's fire station conducted an exercise at the East China UAV base in Jinshan, Shanghai, with the following "legend": fire source detection, containment and extinguishing in fully automatic mode using the G240 and GA003 UAVs. According to the exercise scenario, the GA003 performed surveillance, early warning and targeting, while the G240 robotic firefighter extinguished the fire. This was a demonstration of a fully automatic firefighting system with the ability to be monitored by operators.
Benefits of industrial drones
Delivery to remote locations
Delivering small goods to remote areas with no roads or where delivery by other means is expensive due to the length and complexity of the route, or by hiring an alternative means of transport.
Emergency care
Urgent delivery of necessary medication to remote areas and rapid dispatch of tests to laboratories for examination.
Reduced delivery time
When fully loaded, the drone can reach speeds of up to 130 km/h. Minimisation of risks as the human factor is completely eliminated (traffic jams, accidents, etc.).
Reduced expenses
Extinguishing the fire with a substance - both from the UAV's stockpile and from local sources. The UAV will not fall into a hole of burning peat beneath the turf due to the lack of stress on the topsoil. Reduced number of firefighter casualties.