New features of F405-miniTE compared to F722-miniSE(EOL)

The F405 has a 1MB flash memory which can work with ArduPilot. Even with INAV firmware some functions will be removed on the F722 due to the limited amount of firmware.
The advantage of the F722 is that all UARTs have built-in inversion, which is not required when the CRSF protocol is widely used on new receivers.
The redesigned MATEKF405TE target supports 8x bidirectional DSHOT.
Supports DJI PnP air unit and 10V BEC for DJI OSD or analogue video transmitter.
Compared to the F722-miniSE with 8 motors or 6 motors + 2 servos, the F405-miniTE supports 8 motors + 3 servos in an INAV/BF multi-rotor mixer.
IMU InvenSense GEN3 ICM42605.