Heavy cargo UAV
Transporting goods over long distances
Although this model is still formally a mid-range model in terms of size and take-off weight, it is near the upper end of the range, approaching the larger aircraft. The same can be said of the autonomy parameters, which in combined flight mode are between the middle and high categories. The glider's take-off and landing area corresponds in size to a small helicopter. It is a monoplane with six surfaces, performed according to the "cannard" aerodynamic plan, with a closed contour of horizontal plumage. In comparison with other gliders this configuration has essential advantages exactly as a cargo carrier of a large radius of action: absence of power losses on longitudinal balancing, high aerodynamic quality, increased approximately in 1,6 times load-carrying capacity and deadweight ratio of surfaces.
There are other interesting design features: the hybrid option features a pair of propeller-driven thrust engines with push and pull propellers, providing excellent flight performance and increased resistance to in-flight failures. The forward ends of the horizontal plumage feature large aircraft-like pitot-static system. The GL004 is highly wind-resistant, withstanding the Beaufort scale of "gale" in-flight. Thus, this new generation type is highly relevant for transporting valuable, urgent or important cargo in remote regions, including at low temperatures and between unprepared locations, for permanent and inexpensive communication "with the mainland".
Benefits of industrial drones
Delivery to remote locations
Delivering small goods to remote areas with no roads or where delivery by other means is expensive due to the length and complexity of the route, or by hiring an alternative means of transport.
Emergency care
Urgent delivery of necessary medication to remote areas and rapid dispatch of tests to laboratories for examination.
Reduced delivery time
When fully loaded, the drone can reach speeds of up to 130 km/h. Minimisation of risks as the human factor is completely eliminated (traffic jams, accidents, etc.).
Reduced expenses
Extinguishing the fire with a substance - both from the UAV's stockpile and from local sources. The UAV will not fall into a hole of burning peat beneath the turf due to the lack of stress on the topsoil. Reduced number of firefighter casualties.
Navigation and flight control
Data/video transmission