Meteor 65 HD Whoop (1S)
Meteor65 HD - Brand new ultra lightweight 1S HD Whoop quadcopter from BETA FPV. It will be the best choice, regardless of FPV flight or video shooting!

Featuring the new F4 AIO 1S FC flight controller and upgraded 0802SE 22000KV motors, the Meteor65 HD drone has the best performance. It's ultra-light at just 27.64g for excellent flying power. Equipped with BETAFPV Nano HD high definition camera - 1080P at 60 frames per second, so images are clear and vivid. The Meteor65 HD is so small and lightweight that it effortlessly navigates around obstacles and manoeuvres smoothly during FPV flights.

Flight controller, ESC and VTX

The F4 AIO 1S FC is ideal for lightweight 1S drones like the Meteor65, Meteor75 or Meteor65 SE and others. It integrates the Betaflight FC flight controller on the F411 processor, Betaflight OSD, Frsky SPI receiver, 1S 5A ESC RPM controller and a 25mW VTX video transmission system to save the weight of the copter.

Nano HD camera

The Betafpv Nano HD Camera is the lightest HD camera on the market today. High definition with 1080p resolution, ultra-light weight (6.8g), full feature set with OSD, audio and recording. The camera features a 1 / 2.7" CMOS sensor and a 1.8mm lens for minimal lag. It is the best choice for drones such as the Meteor 65 / Beta65X / Beta75X / Beta85X.


The 0802SE 22000KV motors are lightweight 1S motors. Upgraded from the 0802 22000KV motors, they weigh only 1.8g each but retain excellent power and thrust characteristics. This provides a perfect dynamic balance which makes the Meteor65 HD Whoop drone more manoeuvrable and increases flight time. What's more, the motors have a PCB connector for easy repair.

Meteor65 frame

The Meteor65 is the most popular and beautiful 65mm frame on the market. The frame has dropped 0.75g to just 3.14g. The battery slot is located closer to the centre of gravity for smoother flying. There are several colour options for the frame: Beta Blue, Mint Green, Sakura Pink, Mango Orange and others.

BT2.0 connector

BETAFPV's exclusive BT2.0 connector corrects the shortcomings of the PH2.0 connector. The new BT2.0 features a lower internal resistance, allowing more current to be transmitted. The BT2.0 connector supports a continuous current of 9A (15A surge), resulting in increased power and flight time on 1S brushless drones, while the PH2.0 only supports 4.5A. You can now enjoy long flight times without the distraction of low voltage warnings, thanks to reduced voltage dips.
Amateur UAV Meteor 65 HD Whoop (1S)
Equipped with a brand new F4 AIO 1S flight controller and an upgraded 0802SE 22000 kW engine. The Meteor65 HD is ultra-lightweight (only 27.64g), providing higher flight power. Equipped with a 1080P@60fps BETAFPV Nano HD high-definition camera, this drone will give you a pretty clear picture of every bright moment. With this tiny UAV you can easily perform freestyle FPV tricks while getting HD footage.
  • The Meteor65 HD is an ultra-light 1S HD drone that weighs just 27.46g without the battery. It's small and manoeuvrable enough to avoid obstacles and perform FPV actions.
  • Comes with a brand new brushless FC F4 AIO 1S, a built-in 25MW VTX that greatly reduces the drone's weight, requires no soldering and is easy to install.
  • Equipped with an upgraded 0802SE-22000 CV motor, further reducing the weight of the Metror65 HD, giving you maximum power in flight.
  • A Betafpv Nano HD ultra-definition camera with 1080P@60fps resolution and audio recording capability is installed. It weighs 6.8g
  • Ability to solder a BT2.0 connector which can provide stable and powerful continuous current so you can enjoy longer flight times.
Kit includes:

Meteor65 HD Whoop Quadcopter (1 C) - 1pc
Spare 31mm 3-blade legs (2CW+2CCW) - 1pc
BT2.0 300mAh 1 S Lipo Battery - 2pc
BT2.0-PH2.0 adapter cable - 1pc.
Screwdriver - 1pc.

We know that some pilots want to convert PH2.0 connector to BT2.0 connector. For this reason we are ready to offer an additional kit for such an upgrade, which includes:

BT2.0 connectors (10 pcs.)
Cable pigtail 2S Whoop (BT 2.0)
BT2.0 1S pigtail cable
BT2.0-PH2.0 adapter cable
BT2.0 charger and voltage tester
BT2.0 1S Lipo charger board
BT2.0 Battery 450 mAh 1S
BT2.0 300 mAh 1 C Battery
BT2.0 260 mAh 1 C Battery