Mini Z10TIRM
10x zoom

The Mini Z10TIRM is a high quality 3 axis gimbal camera with ±0.01° control accuracy. The camera has a unique mechanically constrained design and concealed wires for a more stable transmission and greater durability. Vibration is eliminated by four damping balls and a lightweight damping plate. 360° rotation is possible thanks to gimbal swivels. A stable, smooth image can be obtained even when flying at high speed.
The camera features a 1/3" CMOS module, has 4.08 megapixels and supports 10x optical focus FHD 1080P video. Designed to meet the specifications of the aerial photography application. Fast autofocus, multi-functionality and support for TCP and TTL sequential control.

IR and EO sensor object tracking

Built-in normalisation, cross-correlation and tracking algorithm, combined with a re-detection algorithm for missing objects, ensures stable target tracking. Tracking speed is up to 48 pixels/frame, object size range from 32*32 pixels to 128*128 pixels, with a minimum signal to noise ratio (SNR) of 4 dB, which greatly improves tracking accuracy and effect.

GPS positioning

Advanced positioning algorithm is used to calculate the distance to an object within 1500m and accurately analyse its longitude and latitude.

Output and control methods

Mini Z10TIRM supports both Ethernet and IP output. The default Ethernet output is 1080P and recording is 1080p. It will support infinite 360 degree panning. IP output and TTL control can be performed using the Viewlink Viewpro software.