10x zoom

Q10TIRM is a high quality 3-axis gimbal camera with ±0.01° control accuracy. The camera has a unique mechanically constrained design and concealed wiring for more stable transmission and greater durability. Vibration is eliminated by four damping balls and a lightweight damping plate. 360° rotation is possible thanks to gimbal swivels. A stable, smooth image can be obtained even when flying at high speed.
Object tracking by IR and EO sensors

Built-in normalisation, cross-correlation and tracking algorithm, combined with a re-detection algorithm for missing objects, ensures stable target tracking. Tracking speed is up to 32 pixels/frame, object size range from 16*16 pixels to 160*160 pixels, with a minimum signal to noise ratio (SNR) of 4 dB, which greatly improves tracking accuracy and effect.

GPS positioning

Advanced positioning algorithm is used to calculate the distance to a target within 3000 meters and accurately analyze the longitude and latitude of the target.