IR camera
The TS02-N photovoltaic unit uses a two-axis gyro-stabilized platform mounted with a conductive contact ring for continuous 360 ° rotation, an integrated visible light camera with 30x high-definition magnification, a long-wave uncooled infrared imaging module, and a laser rangefinder. It is mainly used for detecting, identifying, tracking, ranging, etc. through aerial photography, to meet the needs of aerial surveying and mapping, monitoring and investigation.

The product is compact in structure, light in weight, mature and reliable. It can be installed on various types of UAVs and other aircraft carriers, as well as on ships and vehicles that meet the requirements of marine and air applications.
Optical camera
Laser rangefinder
Camera with visible zoom
Working band
0.4 microns~0.9 microns
Number of detector pixels
Фокусное расстояние
4.3–129mm, optical 30x continuous zoom
Horizontal field of view with continuous magnification
63,7 ~ 1,1
Viewing angle
Infrared image
Working band
8 microns~14 microns
Number of detector pixels
Pixel size
12 um
50 мк
Laser rangefinder
Working wavelength
1535 nm
Accuracy of range determination
2 meters
Range frequency
1 Hz
50~4000 м
Laser range
Tracking system
Target size (m); Detection distance (km); Identification distance (km)
Person 0.5m×1.8m; 6 km; 2 km.
Car 3m=6m; 15 km; 8km
IR Channel
Target size (m); Detection distance (km); Identification distance (km)
Person 0.5m×1.8m; 1.4 km; 0.35 km
Car 3×6; 8.4 km; 2.1 km
Electron-optical channel
Rated DC voltage
Field of view angle
Video Output
Network video stream, 1080P, 30 Hz
Operating range
-20℃ (+60℃)
≤ 150 mm × 205 mm
less than 2 kg
Focal length
50 мм/F1.2
24 V
Normal supply voltage range