Maximum flight altitude of 4000 meters
Load capacity up to 20 kg
Flight time 3 hours
Communication range up to 150 km
Technical description of the UG65 unmanned aerial system

UG65 is a multi-purpose drone that can perform a wide range of tasks based on the combination of characteristics and depending on the installed additional equipment:

- transportation of goods weighing up to 20 kg (45 kg – modified version with UG100 coaxial motors);
- conducting inspection flights;
- monitoring of extended objects.
- day and night patrols.
- visual aerial photography.
- thermal imaging aerial photography;
- mapping.

1) UG65 is undemanding to take-off and landing conditions: no runway, launch and take-off equipment is needed.

2) Compact and easy to transport. The wings are separated, the vehicle and additional equipment are quickly placed in a special transport case, which can be transported on a car trailer. Assembly of the device for use is carried out within 10 minutes by two people.

3) UG65 does not require a runway, catapult or other additional equipment for take - off and landing. For take-off, a small platform is enough. Takeoff and landing are absolutely safe.

4) On 3 batteries without additional load, the maximum flight range of 400 km was experimentally achieved. The actual range of flight with a payload only in the form of a camera, the weight of which is 1.5-2 kg., over 250 km. With a payload of 20 kg. flight range up to 200 km. when the battery charge level is sufficient for safe landing and saving the life of LiPo batteries.

5) In practice, the significant advantages of the design type have been confirmed, namely: no energy losses for longitudinal balancing, high aerodynamic quality, increased load-bearing capacity and specific load capacity of surfaces approximately 1.6 times.

6) Navigation - GNSS (satellite) / INS (inertial). The inertial system allows the UAV to maintain the set course with a minimum deviation for 5 minutes in case of loss of satellite signal until communication with satellites is restored.

7) The information transmission system is repeatedly duplicated to improve flight safety. Built-in receiver-transmitter of control data and video stream-main control channel-1.4 Ghz-radio transmission range of 150 km at an altitude of more than 3 km / 70 km. at an altitude of more than 1.5 km. Data transmitted to and from the UAV is confidential. Data is protected by an encryption system, as well as multi-channel transmission in a wide range with a pseudo-random adjustment of the operating frequency, the remote control is integrated with the telemetry transmission channel and video – a radio transmission range of up to 150 km.

8) In addition to the barometer, an optional radio altimeter can be installed for a safe landing on UG65, the effective height of which in the landing configuration is 50 meters.

9) A proprietary ground control station (NSO) has been developed for data reception and transmission. It is a portable mobile complex consisting of a waterproof box with an industrial high-performance computer and long-range antennas mounted on a tripod.
The connection is made using an Ethernet cable. The station can operate for more than 24 hours on a single charge.

10) On UG65, in addition to the box for cargo transportation, it is possible to install 2 types of payload-equipment for remote sensing of the earth (ERS). If remote sensing equipment is used, an additional battery can be installed on board, which will increase the flight range by 30-40%.

11) As a payload for remote sensing, the UAV carries on board a camera with x30 optical zoom and a thermal imaging camera. Camera specifications may change depending on the task at hand. The gyro-stabilized electromagnetic platform provides the best quality of photo and video data. The system allows you to capture a moving object and track it.

12) As a payload for cargo transportation, UG65 has a cargo compartment that allows loading and unloading of items intended for transportation without any difficulties. The cargo compartment can be upgraded at the request of the customer. For example, Peltier elements can be installed in the cargo compartment to transport biomaterials and maintain a certain temperature.

UG65 Platform
Logistics, Universal
Overall dimensions (widthlength height)
4800×2580×850 mm
Maximum take-off weigh
65 kg
Weather stability
light rain / light snow / low density fog
Operating temperature range
-25 C to +55 C
Radio transmission range up to
100 km
Maximum flight time (in hours)
Maximum flight altitude
4000 m
Navigation systems
GNSS (satellite) / INS (Inertial)navigation systems
The Engine
Is Electric
Maximum payload
20 kg
Wind resistance
Level 6 (up to 13.8 m / s) in copter mode, level 7 (up to 17.1 m / s) in airplane mode
Cruising speed
110 km / h
Deployment time
15 minutes
Advantages of industrial drones
Reduced deliverytimes

when fully loaded, the drone can reach speeds of up to 130 km/h. Minimization

of risks, as the human factor is completely excluded (traffic jams, accidents, etc.).


Urgent delivery of necessary medicines to hard-to-reach areas and prompt delivery of tests

for research in the laboratory.

Reduce costs

Extinguishing the fire with a substance – both from the device's reserves and from local

sources. The UAV will not fall into a burning peat pit located under the turf, due to the lack of load on

the topsoil. Reducing the number of victims among firefighters.

Delivery to hard-to-reach places

Delivery of small cargo to remote areas where there are no roads, or

where delivery by other means of transport is expensive due to the length and complexity of the route,

or renting an alternative vehicle.